Shiloh Ridge Ranch Romance Series

Visit the Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers, Texas for more great inspirational ranch romance! All Christmas-themed family saga with strong romance plots and cowboy billionaires, as well as sweet and strong women in unique jobs, this series will light up your life with the faith, family, and love you crave in your inspirational romance!

The Mechanics of Mistletoe FRONT COVER

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He can be a teddy or a grizzly. She's a genius with a wrench. Can the pretty mechanic tame Bear's wild side, or will he and Sammy both be left broken-hearted this Christmas?

2 The Horsepower of the Holiday FRONT COVER

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He told her once he wasn't interested in dating her if they weren't exclusive. She's a former racecar driver just trying to find the right man for her at 200 miles per hour. Can Oakley slow down enough to have a relationship with Ranger, or will they both be left lonely this Christmas?

3 The Construction of Cheer FRONT COVER


She's been going ranch-to-ranch looking for work. He's just finished most of the construction at Shiloh Ridge. Bishop hires Montana anyway, because she's the beautiful blonde he's attracted to, and she's worked with the best woodworker in the state for years. Can they navigate the construction around the ranch and inside their own lives to find their happily-ever-after for the holidays?

4 The Secret of Santa Claus FRONT COVER


Ace Glover loves to laugh, and everywhere he goes, luck seems to follow. When the hardworking cowboy volunteers to help with the Poinsettia Festival, he does so to be close to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Holly Ann Broadbent. She's in charge of the whole event, but she seems to disappear the moment everything after day. When he learns her secret, the entire festival could be ruined—and so could Sierra's reputation and his new relationship with her. Will he keep his discovery to himself or will Sierra's secret become front-page news on Christmas Day?