Christmas at Whiskey Mountain Lodge

Spend more time in Coral Canyon, this time with a whole new family of cowboy billionaire brothers.

All the maid at Whiskey Mountain Lodge wants for her birthday is a handsome cowboy billionaire. And Colton can make that wish come true—if only he hadn’t escaped to Coral Canyon after being left at the altar...

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She broke up with him to date another man...who broke her heart. He's a former CEO with nothing to do who can't get her out of his head. Can Wes and Bree find a way toward happily-ever-after at Whiskey Mountain Lodge?

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She's best friends with the single dad cowboy's brother and has watched two friends find love with the sexy new cowboys in town. When Gray Hammond comes to Whiskey Mountain Lodge with his son, will Elise finally get her own happily-ever-after with one of the Hammond brothers?

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A cowboy billionaire beast, his new manager, and the Christmas traditions that soften his heart and bring Cy and Patsy together.

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A cowboy billionaire cop who's a stickler for rules, the woman he pulls over when he's not even on duty, and the personal mandates Ames has to break to keep Sophia in his life...

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