New Release: Starting Over in Steeple Ridge

January 23, 2017 Liz Isaacson

Okay, I am very excited to be sharing something awesome with you today! I have a brand new (BRAND NEW) novella coming out with the Timeless Romance Singles line! These romance novella collections are USA Today bestsellers, and when I was asked to write a single for them, I pretty much said, Yes, yes, yes, yes!
My novella, STARTING OVER IN STEEPLE RIDGE, starts a brand new series which I will be continuing this summer. You’ll see some characters from some novels that haven’t been released yet in the Gold Valley Romance series, and I ventured away from the west to the east. Specifically, to the horse farms and beautiful rolling country of Vermont.
And we’re revealing the cover today! Here it is!

The novella comes out on March 20, and like I said, I will be continuing the series with at least 4 planned full-length novels this summer. You can find out more about the novella and all the Timeless Romances here. 
Visit the Steeple Ridge Romance page here for buy links!