LOVE’S SPARK is out today!

November 27, 2017 Liz Isaacson

LOVE’S SPARK is available now! This is my second book in the First Street Church Kindle World, and it features Luke Morris, Thatcher’s best friend. (If you haven’t read LOVE’S PULSE, you should!) I will have a couple of more books in this world, so I put them together into the “Sweet Grove Professionals” series so readers can easily find them.¬†

LOVE’S SPARK is a Kindle Worlds book, so it’s only available in the US, but it is now included in Kindle Unlimited! Or grab a copy for only $1.99.


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About Love’s Spark:¬†With a new development going in on the north end of Sweet Grove, Stephania Perez is desperate to win the plumbing bid for the mom-and-pop plumbing shop she joined when she came to town four years ago. The project would keep the shop open and allow Steph to buy it from the owners who are ready to retire.

Luke Morris is determined to win the bid for Sweet Grove Electric Company as well, and the only friendly face he can find at the announcement meeting is Steph’s. Okay, semi-friendly. She’s heard a lot of rumors about the handsome electrician, and she doesn’t need her wounded heart to get another shock.

When they both win their respective bids and start to work together, sparks fly professionally and personally. Can Luke and Steph make water and electricity play nicely together?

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