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The Grape Seed Falls Romance series

A spinoff series from the #1 bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series comes a new ranch, with new cowboys to fall in love with... Go to Texas Hill Country and the Grape Seed Ranch to find your next happily ever after!

Choosing the Cowboy: Book 1

With financial trouble and personal issues around every corner, can Maggie Duffin and Chase Carver rely on their faith to find their happily-ever-after?

A Novelette

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Craving the Cowboy: Book 2

Dwayne Carver is set to inherit his family’s ranch in the heart of Texas Hill Country, and in order to keep up with his ranch duties and fulfill his dreams of owning a horse farm, he hires top trainer Felicity Lightburne. They get along great, and she can envision herself on this new farm—at least until her mother falls ill and she has to return to help her. Can Dwayne and Felicity work through their differences to find their happily-ever-after?

Coming February 6, 2018 in Kindle Unlimited

Charming the Cowboy: Book 3

Third grade teacher Heather Carver has had her eye on Levi Rhodes for a couple of years now, but he seems to be blind to her attempts to charm him. When she breaks her arm while on his horse ranch, Heather infiltrates Levi's life in ways he's never thought of, and his strict anti-female stance slips. Will Heather heal his emotional scars and he care for her physical ones so they can have a real relationship?

Coming March 6, 2018 in Kindle Unlimited

Courting the Cowboy: Book 4

Frustrated with the cowboy-only dating scene in Grape Seed Falls, May Sotheby joins, hoping to find her soul mate without having to relocate--or deal with cowboy hats and boots. She has no idea that Kurt Pemberton, foreman at Grape Seed Ranch, is the man she starts communicating with... Will May be able to follow her heart and get Kurt to forgive her so they can be together?

Coming April 3, 2018 in Kindle Unlimited

Claiming the Cowboy: Book 5

Unwilling to be tied down, farrier Robin Cook has managed to pack her entire life into a two-hundred-and-eighty square-foot house, and that includes her Yorkie. Cowboy and co-foreman, Shane Royal has had his heart set on Robin for three years, even though she flat-out turned him down the last time he asked her to dinner. But she's back at Grape Seed Ranch for five weeks as she works her horseshoeing magic, and he's still interested, despite a bitter life lesson that left a bad taste for marriage in his mouth.

Robin's interested in him too. But can she find room for Shane in her tiny house--and can he take a chance on her with his tired heart?

Coming May 8, 2018

Catching the Cowboy: Book 6

Coming June 5, 2018

Cheering the Cowboy: Book 7

Christmas in Texas Hill Country!

Coming November 1, 2018